Newsletter – September 2019

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Welcome to a new Scouting year.  We are looking forward to another exciting and fun year Preparing Young People with Skills for Life.

Below you will find links to various events and activities taking place.  Please remember, Scouting is run entirely by volunteers and we need the active support of parents, family and friends to deliver our stimulating scouting programme. 

Going Digital

We are looking at ways of providing a more accessible means of communication with parents.  Firstly, we have a new website which we’d like to be our primary source of information for the activities of our Scout Group.  It is new, it may have a few glitches in it and we need to keep it up to date if it is to remain relevant.  If the leadership and executive team provide the content can you help publish it in an enticing web format on our WordPress site?

Additionally, members of the Scouting management team have grown up with email but realise from conversations with our children that this is old-hat and that “Social Media??!!” is the possibly the way forward.

Can you help us to communicate more effectively?  Would Facebook, Twitter or Instagram be more appropriate.  We would love to hear your opinions and whether you have any experience using social media platforms that would help us improve our digital engagement – please get in touch via our Volunteer page.

Beaver and Cub meetings – do you know someone who could assist?

As mentioned previously, Scouting is run entirely by volunteers.  We are very lucky to have regular parental assistance with our Scout group where parents have tracked their children progression.

However, this has left us short of regular assistance in the Beavers and Cubs.  The parent rota provides valuable help, but the leaders ideally need more regular assistance.  Is this something that you or perhaps a small group or you could provide? 

In previous years, a syndicate of Mums kept the Beaver colony running for two years.  The Scouts and Group Executive Committee have benefited from “recently retired” recruits.  Any suggestions or offers of help most appreciated.

Redecorated Scout hut

During this summer the interior of the main scout hut, kitchen, toilets and lobby have been redecorated.  The project was managed by the Head Quarters Executive Committee which manages the hut premises on behalf of the P&TG Scouting and Guide Groups.  Special thanks to Paul Stephens and Barry Osborne for arranging the work and Paul Smith, the local decorator who completed the work.  We hope you will agree it all looks a lot smarter. 

You may also notice that the hedges have been cut back, apart from the uppermost branches that we couldn’t reach.  If you have an extendable hedge cutter and have an hour to spare it would be most welcome.

Have a look at some photos here.

Jumble Sale – Saturday 5th October, 12:30

The Jumble sale is the group’s principle fund raiser – it enabled us to contribute funds to the recent County Camp, provides scouting equipment and maintains the scout premises.

For more information, please see our event. 

Christmas Post – Sunday 8th & 15th December

The Scouts’ annual Christmas post provides a Christmas card deliver service to the residents of Penn & Tylers Green and Manor Farm.  The postal service, which has been running for more that 30 years, provides a delivery service for the area bounded by the Amersham Road to the North; Penn / Hazlemere / Church Road to the East, Hammersley Road to the South and Kings Wood to the West.

Members of the Scout group design the stamps that are sold at local retail outlets that also house our distinctive post boxes.  Members and long-time friends of Penn and Tylers Green Scouts collect the sorted post from the Scout hut on Sunday morning and deliver it throughout the village, preferably close to their own address though families with four legged members often request longer rounds.  We are always looking for new posties – please click volunteer.