Group meetings recommence

May 20, 2021 | Beavers, Cubs, News, Scouts | 0 comments

As restrictions on face-to-face meetings have eased, we have been able to recommence group meetings and get involved in the outdoor activities that scouting is renowned for.


Outdoor Scout meetings recommenced after the Easter holidays. Meetings take place at 7:30 pm on Friday evenings. Currently, all meetings are outdoors (whatever the weather) and planned activities include:


Physical meetings for Cubs started again at the beginning of May. Outdoor meetings begin at 6:00 pm on Fridays but will revert to online in the event of bad weather.


Our two Beaver colonies will for now operate as one. We are planning to meet again from Friday 11 June. Meetings will be in the scout hut on Friday from 4:45 pm to 5:45 pm.